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Do you only watch horror movies?

I usualy go for horror or science fiction. I also watch anime once and a while. I ignore romantic comedies and most musicals, and I don't prefer westerns.

Why did you decide to make this website?

I wanted to make my own independent horror movie website. I love watching all kinds of movies. I have probably watched on average three movies per week for the last ten years. I think that creating a website like this is a way for me to talk about what I enjoy and share this with other people. I wanted to focus on horror because I enjoy watching them. I think that mainstream movie critics and reviewers have lost the love of watching movies.

Why such a basic website?

I dislike of the way that modern websites are loaded with full page popups, clickbait, grid layout tabloid quality advertising links, and features that require you to log in with facebook. I don't mind Facebook but I don't think the entire internet needs to depend on it to function.

Hey. Your website sucks.

Probably. I am not a web designer and writing the source code in notepad has been a continous learning experience.

Do you edit the screencaps and cover images? Where do you get them from?

Some of these movies are very old and not documented online heavily, so the only images online are low resolution. I do resize them and sometimes adjust the sharpness and brightness so that you can see them. I capture some of my own screenshots from DVDS and Blu-ray with an HDMI capture card. I also have a piece of hardware that converts composite video to 1080i if I need to use VHS. If you spend time at thrift stores (Value Village, Goodwill in Canada) you walk out with a bag of old horror films for $20.

I found a spelling mistake or broken link.

Let me know

Bonus question. How many tabs do you have open in Chrome?

Usually like 25.

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