Beyond The Gates (2016)
Destroy All Entertainment.

Distribution by IFC Midnight, Scream Factory

Written by Jackson Stewart, Stephen Scarlata
Horror Comedy Directed Jackson Stewart
Budget $300,000 Starring Douglas Smith, Lucien Laviscount, Cressida Bonas

Beyond The Gates (2016)

Brothers Gordon and John Hardesty reunite to pack up and close down the old style video store owned by father, who has mysteriously gone missing. The brothers have not seen each other in some time and they could not be any more different from each other. Gordon is a young professional who is moving in from out of town with his wife Margo, and John is a lazy guy who hangs around with a sketchy guy named Hank.

The brothers find a back room in the video store with a tape from a VHS interactive board game still in the VCR, and upon watching it they start to experience some paranormal images showing up on the screen.

Remember these VHS board games?
Interesting marketing theme around film.

The film does not take itself too seriously. The budget is low and the acting is about on par with a college film project, however there are some great gore special effects that stand out. There are only a few different locations in the film, mostly inside a home and at the video store. Stylistically there are some interesting shots and the end of the movie effectively mixes some low budget CGI with practical special effects.

I wonder if this was shot in an actual video store, of if they had to buy thousands of VHS tapes and build it.


Rotten Tomatoes gives this movie an 80% fresh rating. If you like light horror comedy, check this out on Netflix. It's a fun movie with 90's throwbacks.

Justin Lowe for The Hollywood Reporter said "This low-budget horror-comedy co-starring Graham Skipper and Chase Williamson enthusiastically revisits familiar '90s genre conventions."

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