Halloween H20 (1998)
Dimension Films
(Miramax owned by Disney 1993 - 1999)
Written by John Carpenter
Directed Steve Miner
Budget $17,000,000 Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Josh Hartnett, LL Cool J

Halloween H20 (1998)

Twenty years after the original Halloween Laurie Strode is living under an assumed name and still struggling with life after Michael Myers. She works as the headmistress at a private school that her son John (Josh Hartnett) also attends, and she spends her time at home drinking too much and laying around the house and waking up screaming in bed.

Halloween H20 starts well and builds up how damaged Laurie is by showing how over protective she is being over her son by not letting him go on a school trip. friends at work are repeatedly reminding Laurie that it is Halloween so that she can respond distantly to the audience.

Josh Hartnett had his first role in this movie. He's alright.
Michael shows up half way through the film and starts doing his thing.

Laurie does eventually decide to give John permission to go to the national park with his classmates and girlfriend, and of course they blow it off and have a teenager party instead. Michael shows up at the house and after he kills a few teenagers, there is a confrontation and Laurie eventually stabs Michael with a kitchen knife and he falls to floor bleeding and motionless. The police show up and load Michael into an ambulance. Laurie is not taking any chances and she steals the ambulance and drives out to an empty field and cuts Michael's head off with an axe.

LL Cool J is the edgey security guard who gets killed.

They show Michael walking into the house instead of just showing up inside. You have to give the director credit for not using too many jump scares.


Jamie Lee Curtis tries her best, but cannot save this one. We get a few good screams out of her early on which is one of the things she was known for in Halloween. Michael Myers does not really show up until the end and there was nothing happened that I did not expect. Halloween H20 also ignores some of the continuity with previous Halloween films.

Watching this for me was boring at times and I was checking the time half way through to see how much punishment was left. Overall I think H20 is an average slasher and I wouldn't recommend it unless you are watching it for completeness. Watch the older Halloween movies or even the Rob Zombie version of Halloween or Halloween II instead.

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