Havenhurst (2016)
Twisted Pictures (Saw franchise) Written by Andrew C. Erin & Daniel Farrands
Horror, Mystery Directed Andrew C. Erin
Budget unknown Starring Julie Benz, Belle Shouse

Havenhurst (2016)

Havenhurst is an independent 2017 horror film starting Julie Benz. Jackie is a recovering alcoholic who has been placed in a gothic New York high-rise apartment building as part of her treatment program and return to society. While in rehab, Jackie had made friends with a drug addict named Daniel. Daniel has recently disappeared from the same building under mysterious circumstances.

The production company Twisted Pictures and it's parent company Evolution Entertainment are not owned by any of the big five movie studios. Sometimes they get big hits like Saw that get picked up by major distributors, but they also release a lot of direct to DVD and video on demand movies.

Twisted Pictures is know for making horror movies, and Julie Benz starred in Saw V.

There are some goofy moments that remind you that this is a lower budget film.


Havenhurst is a good movie. The beginning of the film is better as they slowly build up the setting as Jackie explores the apartment building and puts together what is going on. Check out the Japanese poster. I think it is a lot better than the North American release.

Havenhurst did not have a theatrical release. You can buy it online or watch it right now on Netflix or other video on demand services.

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