Resident Evil Retribution (2012)
Constantin Film, Screen Gems (Sony) Written by Paul W.S Anderson
Action Horror Directed Paul W.S Anderson
Budget $65,000,000 Starring Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Michelle Rodriguez

Resident Evil Retribution(2012)

Part of our Resident Evil Series review. Spoiler warning.

Resident Evil Retribution's story is simple and ridiculous. Alice wakes up in an underwater Umbrella facility with simulations of previous locations from the other films including Shibuya Square Tokyo, and the laser grid hallway from the Racoon City Hive. Alice escapes during a power failure and eventually she meets up with some of the other characters from previous movies, and they try to defeat Umbrella and save Jill Valentine.

A huge amount of previously dead characters are brought back as clones. This one has the awesome hallway fight scene in the Tokyo setting. Umbrella base under water has different setups. The most ridiculous film of the series. The plot does not make too much sense and the writing is all over the place, but this does not matter as much as you might think for this type of movie. Retribution bombed with mainstream audiences, and most fans also did not like it either.

It picks up on the ship where Afterlife ended.
None of these people know what's going on either. What is Carlos doing with his left hand?

From this point on Paul W.S Anderson would write and direct all of the Resident Evil films. With the huge financial success of Afterlife, Sony was probably more inclined than usual to let him do his thing.

What are they looking at?

Jill, Carlos, and laser grid cube guy from the first movie looking dangerous. Yes he's back as a clone.


This is the really crazy one that even after watching it recently and reading the plot on IMDB, I can't really describe what the story is about. Is it a good movie? No. Does the plot make any sense? No. This is not my favorite entry in the RE franchise but I like this movie for what it is, and I think it is fun to watch. Basically the whole movie is all of the other movies combined.

It has almost all of the main cast, a lot of the old locations, and some of the old monsters. There are a lot of good characters that make a comeback in this movie. You have Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory),Rain (Michelle Rodriguez) Ada Wong, Luther West, Leon Kennedy, Carlos, Wesker, and the Japanese Girl who is actually J-Pop star Mika Nakashima. Sony also decided to reuse a lot of the resources and scenes from previous films. There is a Licker, the axe mutant from Afterlife. They also put in one of the 'Alice waking up in a white paper sheet' moment for the third time.

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