Resident Evil The Final Chapter (2017)
Screen Gems (Sony) Written by Paul W.S Anderson & Based off the games by Capcom
Action Horror Directed Paul W.S Anderson
Budget $40,000,000 Starring Milla Jovovich, Iain Glen, Ali Larter

Resident Evil The Final Chapter (2017)

Part of our Resident Evil Series review. Spoiler and rant warning.

The movie starts with Alice giving a quick history on the story. She is traveling towards the original Racoon City Umbrella facility in order to release a vial that will end the T Virus world wide. That's the entire plot. Paul W.S Anderson and Mila Jovovic decided to unapologetically change the history of the Red Queen so they could put their daughter into this movie.

Resident Evil The Final Chapter has quick cutting style of editing during the action scenes are almost unwatchable. The camera cuts away so quickly that you barely have time to see what is going on, and on top of that, every scene is very dark. It's too bad because there are some great looking sets that were built, such as the destroyed skyscraper and the Racoon City hive.There are some CGI creatures and landscapes that might have been interesting, however you only get to see them in the dark and while they are moving around, in one tenth of a second or quarter second bursts.

The history of the Red Queen and the Racoon City outbreak was changed. Paul W.S Anderson and Milla Jovovic thought it would be awesome for their daughter to play the Red Queen.
Claire is there. I can't remember the names of these other people.

Inside the prison there are all of the cliche characters that are entertaining enough but are put there to fill spaces until they eventually die. Kim Coates is great in Afterlife.

There is a funny and good motocycle chase scene in The Final Chapter where Alice swoops left and right for 3 minutes on a highway to avoid minigun fire from a tank.

Iain Glen is a good actor and you can tell that he loves the Resident Evil movies and he tried his best to do a good job. Unfortunately the script had Dr. Isaacs behaving out of character and heading down crazy town religious tangents. It's like Paul W.S Anderson thought of a few different ideas, and then just said
"f*** it, let's do them all lol."

This part was probably really fun. I was not able to see anything because of the extreme angle jump cuts. This is where most of the new characters that we don't know anything about die.

Mila Jovovich is probably good, but you are also not able to focus on any of the action with the camera cutting and changing angles every tenth of a second. There is not much to say about the supporting cast as they donít have any background, purose, or personality. Dr. Isac is back after being killed in Extinction, and it is explained that he has been cloned multiple times.At the end of the movie Alice goes outside and drops the T Virus vaccine which is supposedly powerful enough to travel across the entire planet. Zombies start instantly dropping in waves in a ridiculous way.


Absolutely and totally demolished by Doobie White's Editing. He must have had the T-Virus while he was working on this film. It's hard to understand what Sony was thinking for even releasing something like this. Looking at you Paul W.S Anderson, what were you thinking? The only interesting part of this movie to me was the highway tank chase and gasoline trebuchet scenes near the beginning. The new characters that Alice meets up with are some of the most blank empty characters I have ever seen in a film ever, and even their deaths are boring. I give Resident Evil movies credit for being fun and entertaining, even though I know they are mostly bad. However for Resident Evil The Final Chapter the terrible editing, changes to the origional storyline, and boring predictible scenes make this one of the worst films I have ever seen.

The sad part about this is that Sony made over $300,000,000 at the box office, making this the highest grossing Resident Evil film in the franchise.

I rented this on Google Play for $3.99. This will be the only Resident Evil movie that I don't buy on Blu-Ray.

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