Resident Evil Afterlife (2010)
Screen Gems (Sony) Written by Paul W.S Anderson & Based off the games by Capcom
Action Horror Directed Paul W.S Anderson
Budget $60,000,000 Starring Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Kim Coates

Resident Evil Afterlife (2010)

Part of our Resident Evil Series review. Minor spoiler warning.

Afterlife starts with Alice and all of her clones from Extinction attacking the Tokyo Umbrella branch in some of the most spectacular action scenes in the whole series. Alice kills all of the Umbrella personnel except for Wesker, who escapes in a tiltrotor aircraft. The whole installation gets nuked and all of the Alice clones are killed.Alice escapes and the story jumps ahead six months. Alice does make it to Alaska, but circumstances cause her to almost immediately turns around and heads to Los Angeles

This was the first Resident Evil film to be shot in 3D and some of the scenes were designed to take advantage of this, and the 3D works well because of this. When Claire and Alice fight the mutant monster in the shower, when Alice is flying to Los Angeles and lands her airplane on the roof of the prison.

Alice fights with two blades now.
This cute guy plays with blocks.

Inside the prison there are all of the cliche characters that are entertaining enough but are put there to fill spaces until they eventually die. Kim Coates is great in Afterlife.

Wentworth Miller plays Claire's brother, Chris Redfield.

There are some good scenes that take place on the rooftop.

Afterlife had a larger budget than all of the previous Resident Evil movies, with Sony spending $60 million. Resident Evil Afterlife grossed $300,000,000 worldwide and is the highest grossing film in the series.


For me, Afterlife and Retribution are very similar to each other, unlike the rest of the the series where each installment has a unique feeling. Sometimes I have a hard time remembering which scene takes place in which movie. This is the one that gets everything right. Milla Jovovich is beautiful and sexy and is at the height of her action ass kicking performance in the series. The CGI visual effects are good, especially the exterior shots of LA and the prison.

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