Resident Evil Extinction (2007)
Resident Evil Productions (Sony) Written by Paul W.S Anderson & Based off the games by Capcom
Action Horror Directed Russell Mulcahy
Budget $45,000,000 Starring Milla Jovovich,´┐ŻAli Larter

Resident Evil Extinction (2007)

Part of our Resident Evil Series review. Minor spoiler warning.

At the time of Extinction most of the world has been destroyed and depopulated by the T-Virus outbreak. Alice is aware that she is unstable and dangerous to others, and so she is off on her own riding through the desert on her motorcycle. It takes place 5 years after the viral outbreak.

Alice knows that Umbrella is searching for her using satellite imaging and so she earns to stay off the grid and hide. While she is scavenging in the Nevada desert and finds a journal with notes about how Alaska is safe and free from infection. Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) leads survivors in a convoy across the desert including a school bus, an ambulance. Eventually the group comes in contact with Umbrella and Alice battles Dr. Isaacs, who is played by Iain Glen.

Alice fights with two blades now.
This cute guy plays with blocks.

The landscape is different compared to the previous films because it all takes place during the day and is very bright. There is a silly part where the group drives into a low quality CGI ruined Las Vegas and Umbrella drops crates of really fast moving zombies wearing coveralls.

Alice looks cool riding her bad ass motorcycle.

There are themes of revenge but mostly this is a campy action movie that stays very true to the Resident Evil action horror formula, with much more emphasis on the action. The fighting scenes are sometimes hard to see because the cuts are short and the camera jumps around. Milla Jovovich takes over every scene she is in which is to be expected as these movies were basically designed for her to star in. The rest of the acting is not very good.

Ali Larter as Claire Redfield.
Ashanti the Princess Of Hip-Hop & R&B is in this movie.


Resident Evil Extinction has some good action scenes and is overall a solid entry in series. I like the slower scenes showing the convoy driving across the desert with the H2 Hummer Adventure product placement. Resident Evil Extinction has almost nothing to do with the games.

They used practical effects for the Las Vegas city and some of the car crashes. I love when large productions take the care to do practical effects.


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