Resident Evil Apocalypse (2004)
Constantin Film, Sony Written by Paul W.S Anderson & Based off the games by Capcom
Action Horror Directed Alexander Witt
Budget $45,000,000 Starring Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory

Resident Evil Apocalypse (2004)

Part of our Resident Evil Series review. Minor spoiler warning.

The Hive is reopened and all of Raccoon City is infected with the deadly T-Virus. Umbrella Corporation closes the city and traps a large amount of citizens inside. Alice wakes up and discovers that she has been the subject of Umbrella Corporation experiments, and that she has been genetically enhanced with new strength and agility. Alice ventures into Raccoon City and meets S.T.A.R.S team members Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveiera.

A man named Dr. Ashford contacts Alice, Jill, and Carlos and asks them to find his daughter Angela and bring her to him safely in exchange for safe passage out of Raccoon City before the military nukes the city. Dr. Ashford is the original creator of the Hive AI and he modeled the Red Queen after his daughter Angela. Alice and the group find Angela alive and hiding at her school and bring her back to Dr. Ashford. A secret biological monster called Nemesis is activated to hunt down and kill Alice and her new allies.

Sealing Raccoon City.

Resident Evil Apocalypse is the second film in the Resident Evil series to not be directed by Paul W.S Anderson. After the success of the first movie in 2002, Apocalypse got a larger budget of $45,000,000 to work with. The film was shot on location and on a sound stage in Toronto, Canada. The film is based off the Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 video games by Capcom, and Resident Evil Apocalypse has the most references to the video game out of the series.

Carlos Olivera, Alice, and Angie Ashford.


There are some good action scenes as well as some goofy ones. Apocalypse' colour correction is very blue, probably to make all of the shooting locations not stand out as much and look like they are all in the same Raccoon City. Resident Evil Apocalypse has a lot of action and very little horror. I do appreciate how much content they took from the games, and specifically Nemesis is exactly the same right down to his limited dialogue. The acting is not great, and while as usual I don't think that matters much in Resident Evil movie, I don't appreciate L.J's gangster stereotype character with the goofy double guns and bad writing.

I do enjoy it personally, but I know It's not a great movie and I can only reccommend it for fans of the series.

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