Resident Evil (2002)
Constantin Film, Davis Films (Sony) Written by Paul W.S Anderson
Action Horror Directed Paul W.S Anderson
Budget $33,000,000 Starring Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez

Resident Evil (2002)

Part of our Resident Evil Series review. Minor spoiler warning.

The Umbrella Corporation develops genetic drugs and biological weapons in a secret underground facility called The Hive. After loosing contact with The Hive, the Umbrella Corporation sends a military team to investigate and secure the facility. They meet up with Alice who is suffering from short term memory loss, and then learn that a virus escaped and turned The Hive scientists into flesh eating zombies. The Hive AI computer system locks the facility down to prevent a further spread of the virus.

George A. Romero was originally going to write the script and direct the film, but quit the project after creative differences with Sony. The first Resident Evil movie contains the most traditional horror movie elements out of the series and there are some scary scenes in between the action. There are some noteworthy scenes such as the opening scene where a woman gets her arm ripped off by an elevator, the underground train escape, and the laser grid scene. Resident Evil did well with audiences that a sequel started immediately after it was released.

The mansion featured in the movie is a nod to the game.
Why do the cages need fog machines under them?

Because of his experience with studio interference on Event Horizon (1997), Director Paul W.S Anderson got for financing from European studios Constantin Film and New Legacy. Halfway through the production of Resident Evil, Sony bought the distribution rights and released the movie under Screen Gems. This turned out to be extremely profitable for Sony as the entire Resident Evil series has earned over $1 billion dollars against a total budget of $290 million.

Michelle Rodriguez in an 'escape through the sewers' scene.
Colin Salmon plays James 'One' Shade.


The first Resident Evil definitely has a different feeling than the rest of them. It is more of a horror movie than it is an action movie, and it does not have as much obvious in your face female eye candy. There are some really famous scenes such as the opening elevator maiming, the laser grid trap. I also remember a specific impressive stunt that (Milla Jovovich did herself) where Alice jumps up against the wall and spins around to kick one of the zombie dogs. I feel like this movie is in that quirky early 2000's stage where sometimes you feel like you are watching a movie from the 1990's. Mostly good CGI effects, and a few sketchy ones.

On a side note, this was the first movie that I ever watched on a computer as my friend at the time had downloaded a cam rip of it. I'll always remember being blown away that you could watch a movie from the internet. Remember this was 2002 and even though DVD was out, most people did not own one and we still watched VHS tapes.

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