The Pyramid (2014)
Silvatar Media (Fox International) Written by Daniel Meersand, Nick Simon
Found footage, Horror Directed by Grégory Levasseur
Budget $6,500,000 Starring Denis O'Hare, Ashley Grace

An American team of archaeologists lead by father and daughter Nora and Holden discovers a new three sided Pyramid buried underground in Egypt during a time of political instability. The team is contacted by an American diplomat and they learn that the Egyptian military is closing down the operation, and they must pack up and leave within twenty four hours.

A guy named Zahir has a remote control rover on loan from NASA which he immediately looses contact with after driving it into the Pyramid. Nora puts on a Google Glass and a dust mask and grabs a camera man and heads into the Pyramid without much other gear.
Denis O'Hare as Holden.
The opening scenes are done well.

Holden has a wire tether attached to a reel on his belt with the other end going to the outside, but this gets broken after three minutes. The first corridor inside the Pyramid turns into a small four way room with a round hole in the ceiling, and everyone climbs up and into a small room that looks like a burial chamber. After picking up some three thousand year old spears with their bare hands, the team goes back down the hole in the floor and nobody can remember which direction they came from. They walk around and argue until the floor collapses and they are plunged into the darkness below, where the really bad things start happening.

Ashley Grace in a pointless underwear scene.
Walking on unstable floor.

The opening scenes of The Pyramid were filmed in Morocco using local extras, and with elements of the real Egyptian Pyramids added digitally. Grégory Levasseur decided to use a combination of first person shaky cam and third person, which actually to the credit of the film does work well. The film does feel like a found footage movie, but it is easier to watch than other movies such as Paranormal Activity or Blair Witch because the camera is not flying all over the place and cutting as quickly.

Dennis O'Hare as Holden is the only one who looks like he was trying to get into his character in this movie, and the painful dialogue and writing does not do him or the film any favors. The majority of the movie is filled with paper thin and boring characters wandering around in almost complete darkness, with the occasional low budget CGI monster and rumbling rock sounds.

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