The Other Side of the Door (2016)
42 Uk (20th Century Fox International) Written by Johannes Roberts, Ernest Riera
Horror Directed by Johannes Roberts
Budget $5,000,000 Starring Sarah Wayne Callies

Maria is struggling to deal with the tragic loss of her son Oliver when she learns about a ritual that will allow her to say goodbye one last time through a mystical door. Maria's housekeeper Piki guides her through the ritual and gives a clear warning to not open the door. She ignores the sacred warning and releases something evil from behind the door.

Sarah Wayne Callies
Don't open this door.

The Other Side of the Door is an interesting movie to look at because it was filmed mostly in Mumbai, India. The market and street locations are full of local extras and authentic vehicles and interactions. There are some great looking scenes at the temple with the mystical door.The Other Side of the Door is a good movie and does not rely on jump scares to be scary.

There are a few jump scares.
The Ring?

Sarah Wayne Callies gives a good performance during most of her scenes. As for the rest of the family cast, they do serve to play their part in the story, the husband and daughter are quite generic and forgettable.

You. Go watch this movie on demand.

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