Preservation (2014)
Present Pictures Written Christopher Denham
Horror Directed by Christopher Denham
Budget Very low Starring Wrenn Schmidti, Aaron Staton, Pablo Schreiber

Newlyweds Mike and Wit take PTSD suffering former Marine brother Sean deep into the bush for a weekend of hunting to get away from their problems at home. Mike is constantly ignoring Wit and talking on his cell phone. When the group wakes up to find that their tent and supplies were stolen overnight, the brothers must make it back to the car while trying to get away from some bicycle riding killers.

This movie has a decent cast and the acting is good, which is surprising because it looks like was was shot over a few weekends at a camp ground on an extremely low budget. I don’t mind low budget movies, but there are far better ones than preservation and this feels like a college project more than a feature film.
Preservation could have been a good movie. Obviously the radio does not work.

You can tell that at one point there was supposed to be a strong message in this movie about the overuse of technology and violence in modern culture, but this gets ruined by the truly terrible script and frustrating decisions made by the director. There are instances of characters not turning around to see something important, and grown men are beaten up and killed by teenagers who can still stand up and ride bicycles up mountains after having their heads bashed repeatedly with metal weapons. That amount of suspension of disbelief required works with Jason, but fails obviously here.

Preservation should be avoided. If you want to see Aaron Stanton in something good I would suggest playing through the game L.A. Noire which is excellent.

There is a message that this film is trying to convey about society, but it gets lost in the awful script.

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