Sacrifice (2016)
Subotica Entertainment Written by Peter A. Dowling, based on the novel by S.J Bolton
Thriller, Mystery, Horror Directed by Peter A. Dowling
Budget unknown Starring Radha Mitchell, Ian McElhinney

Sacrifice is a film about a surgeon named Tora and her husband, Duncan, who move together to the Shetland Islands, off the coast of Scotland. After Tora accidentally discovers the body of a woman with pagan rune symbols carved into her skin buried under peat moss on her property, and she eventually comes to suspect a ritualistic pagan cult is operating on the island. The local authorities are suspiciously unhelpful.

Tora conducting her investigation.
Filmed in the actual Shetland Islands.

Radha Mitchell gives a good performance in this movie, which great because you are going to be seeing a lot of her as the story follows only her perspective as she is traveling around the island. Unfortunately the rest of the acting was poor and the characters bland and static. In particular, the husband Duncan and his family were very annoying to watch. Sacrifice has an unusual pacing which feels more like a made for TV movie, which is likely because Subotica Entertainment is an Irish film and TV production company.

Toasting at an awkward family dinner.
Inspecting the body at the hospital.

I enjoyed watching this movie because the interesting story and unique locations were able to hold my interest throughout the length of the film. Sacrifice is a slightly below average mystery thriller with a predictable story. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch something different, without thinking too hard about it.

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