The Dead (2010)
Indelible Productions. Anchor Bay (Lionsgate) Written by Howard & Jonathan Ford
Horror Directed by Howard & Jonathan Ford
Budget unknown Starring Rob Freeman, Prince David Oseia

The Dead is a 2010 low budget horror movie that was written and directed by the Ford brothers. Lieutenant Brian Murphy (Rob Freeman) survives a plane crash somewhere over the coast of west Africa. After recovering some gear and fighting off a group of zombies he sets off on foot until he finds a vehicle and repairs it. The truck gets stuck in the road, and Brian is almost killed by a zombie when he is saved by a soldier named Daniel Dembele, played by Prince David Oseia. Daniel explains that he abandonded his unit and has been searching for his son after his home village was attacked by zombies.

Production on this movie took many weeks longer than expected because of delays in shipping the equipment to Africa. Rob Freeman almost died while shooting when he contracted Malaria and spent a few days on an IV drip in the hospital. The production team also had to bribe corrupt local officials and police in order to pass through certain areas and they narrowly avoided being attacked by bandits.

The truck they used broke down so often that the crew ended up just pushing it by hand for some scenes.
Walking through the desert.

The Dead is an unusual movie in that it was shot on 35mm film, there is very little dialogue, and the story unfolds as the main character Brian travels towards his objective on foot or in the repaired truck. There is no love interest for Brian, no background story about the zombie outbreak happened, and no happy ending. There are some moments when the camera switches directions awkwardly and you are reminded that it is a low budget movie. The effects are mostly practical and they do the job well enough.

The Ford brothers hired locals from villages to play extras along the way. Some of the zombies that were missing limbs were played by locals who were actually missing limbs.


The Dead is a good movie and it has some things in common with more classic zombie movies. I like the interesting location and you don't see many movies set in Africa. It's not for everyone and there are minor problems with the camera work and sound design, as it is sometimes hard to make out what is being said clearly.

They put a lot of effort into the DVD chapter menu which I appreciate.

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